Telefonica Chile mitigating Cloud Disruption risks by using Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) replication

“Cloud to Cloud Replication offering will be a synonymous for high resilience being translated in 99.6% of availability for our Cloud Provider’s Customers coming from different vertical segments like oil and gas, government, and financial companies” – José Manuel Kuhn, IT Product Manager, Telefonica Chile   Telefónica Chile Provides  Peace of Mind to Local Enterprises […]

Breaking down Cloud Silos by deploying the NEW Extensibility framework provided by VCD 9.1

Extensibility is key for implementing an effective and realistic Cross-Cloud deployment; there is no other way to solve the inter-connectivity and compatibility issues you will be facing when provisioning workloads into a multi-cloud environment. Extensibility is critical when considering Infrastructure-as-a-Code, which is a relevant component within your Cloud automation and DevOps initiatives. Currently, VMware’s CPSBU just released vCloud […]

vCloud Director VCD patch has been released [2018-01-16]

vCloud Director VCD VMware vCloud Director for Service Providers enables service providers to build differentiated cloud services that are inherently hybrid-aware and ideal for enterprise-class organizations. It is available through the VMware Cloud Provider Program. More info? Resolved Issues The Allocation tab under Organization VDC Properties for a particular Organization VDC network shows incorrect […]

TigoUne leverages the VMware Cloud Provider Platform to grow market share & differentiate services

LATAM Cloud Provider TigoUne leverages the power of the VMware Cloud Provider Platform to grow its market share and differentiate its service offerings. “VMware’s vCloud Director is a secure and stable platform that  supports the growth of our Cloud business by monetizing every single resource in the environment – networking, storage and compute.” – Jhon Gomez, […]

VCD 9.0: Full Integration between IaaS and DRaaS

Full Integration between IaaS and DRaaS Nowadays, a DRaaS platform should be positioned as a facilitating tool for the consumption of the IaaS environment on the Cloud Provider side, so it becomes relevant that the DRaaS is fully integrated with the cloud platform at both, graphical console and API level, to such an extent which […]

Novedades en la versión 6 de la plataforma de virtualización de VMware

Como marco del evento anual para Partners de VMware (PEX 2015) en San Francisco (California), se lanzó la version 6 del hipervisor ESXi y la consola de administración vCenter. Hay varias novedades en el tema, a varios niveles. Entre ellas tenemos: – Mejoramiento de la consola de vCenter en su versión Linux (vCenter Server Appliance […]

How Cloud Computing can improve Data Center Efficiency?

There is a lot of talk about cloud computing today and the supply of suppliers is becoming more extensive, but how can you really help our organizations bring our services to the cloud? Which cloud to choose? What services to bring? How to bring them? Will cloud computing take away our job? are some of […]

Oracle unveils its Datacenter strategy

Oracle anuncia su estrategia para Datacenters Oracle está lanzando una campaña agresiva frente al negocio de hardware tradicional de Cisco a nivel de Datacenter. La compañía basada en California (USA) mostró una familia de servidores denominada Virtual Compute Appliance X5 con componentes integrados de redes definidas por software (equivalente a SDN: Software-defined Networking) a muy bajo costo de […]

What happens if the Cloud Service Provider fails?

Qué hacer si nuestro Proveedor de Cloud se cae? Hoy en día tenemos información vital en el Cloud (público y privado). Pero pensemos… qué ocurre si esta información no está disponible en el momento más necesario? Revisando las últimas noticias del mercado, nos damos cuenta que proveedores de la importancia de Verizon y Microsoft han […]