Cisco will offer Meraki to Enterprise segment

Following the acquisition of Meraki by CISCO in Nov. 2012, Cisco did not have a cloud-managed WI-FI solution (managed in the cloud)

Once the Meraki solution was incorporated into the Cisco sales channels, the success has been impressive. Although it has been more notorious the success in the small and medium company.
Following this success, CISCO announced at Cisco Live Europe in Milan Italy that it will offer some Meraki products for the large company, including:
– Network infrastructure: Optimization of WAN, switching, Wi-Fi, bonjour gateway (apple zero network configuration) and routing
– Unified Threat Management: Intrusion prevention, next-generation firewall, automatic VPN and content filtering.
– Mobile Administration: Administration of users, devices and applications.

The Meraki platform can be used to manage network infrastructure that is compatible with Meraki networks as well as mobile devices, applications and any content that runs on CISCO networks. However Meraki will not be able to handle existing infrastructures such as Catalyst Switches or ISR Routers. For the latter, this does not mean that customers have to run independent platforms (new ones supported by Meraki and those not supported). If these clients wanted to have everything in one panel, they would only have to do the integration through an API. That way they could activate Meraki to handle specific devices that would include them to be managed by Meraki.

At the enterprise level this would benefit large companies that had to manage remote offices. Currently managing these remote infrastructures is a headache for IT departments. Meraki allows the management of these infrastructures located anywhere in the world from a central office.

Meraki can also be managed by Cisco service partners to manage services such as VPN connections, remote agents and custom software. Now with Meraki, anyone can become a managed services company.
This will allow CISCO to provide its vision of “FastIT”.
“FastIT” is what IT needs to be more agile and streamline business businesses.
Large enterprises have invested many millions of dollars in servers, storage and applications to make them more agile, except in networks that are still quite rigid and difficult to manage, costing organizations millions of dollars for lack of agility and adaptability in business.

At this event in Milan, CISCO announced that Meraki Cloud, has expanded outside the USA, for a total of eight data centers around the world.
By ensuring for the countries of Europe, Asia and other continents that their data are “local” within their region.

For CISCO, Meraki is a product that will not only grow for small and medium sized companies but for large multinational corporations.

For more information, there is a video in English that shows the merits of Meraki for the management of networks in the cloud.


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