Telefonica Chile mitigating Cloud Disruption risks by using Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) replication

“Cloud to Cloud Replication offering will be a synonymous for high resilience being translated in 99.6% of availability for our Cloud Provider’s Customers coming from different vertical segments like oil and gas, government, and financial companies” – José Manuel Kuhn, IT Product Manager, Telefonica Chile


Telefónica Chile Provides  Peace of Mind to Local Enterprises

Chile is a place of uncertainty for enterprise IT organizations. Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and outages in addition to other threats like cyber attacks and human error, making  disaster recovery a top priority. That’s why Telefónica Chile, one of the leading ISPs in Chile, is delivering a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) based on a VMware vCloud® Availability Cloud to Cloud DR delivered by VMware Professional Services.



Companies in Chile  depend on their Services Providers to help them make the best and most efficient technology decisions. The constant threat of downtime and outages paired with a decline in internal IT funding has them turning to outsourcing options. Telefónica Chile saw DRaaS as a great opportunity to discuss this need. Their challenge was being able to effectively deliver the service day one, without delay.



  1. Get it working: Initial success created a validated blueprint for the operating model
  2. Ramp up quickly: Brought in VMware Professional Services for immediate rapid delivery and the highest value possible
  3. New program benefits: Participated in the VMware Cloud Provider Program using a new points system, removing upfront costs and bringing it in line with other revenue models



The inherently simple installation, plus the resources available through the VMware Cloud Provider Program, make it possible to add enterprise-class DRaaS to your portfolio quickly.

A Holistic DR Solution

The Solution assumes two data centers with the following VMware components at each one:

  • Management cluster: Supports all management components and is designed to easily scale as demand increases
  • Resources cluster: Supports all monetizable workloads, VMs and vApps
  • vCloud Director with federation within sites: Single pane of glass view of infrastructure services, network and security services (NSX), compute (vCloud Director resource pools, VMs, vApps), and storage services
  • vCloud Availability Cloud to Cloud DR: Supporting DR integrated to vCloud Director customer virtual data centers; DR synchronicity can be executed at source or destination sites
  • vRealize Operations Manager: Monitors customer and management clusters and workloads
  • vRealize Business: Provides show-back and charge-back functions on usage
  • vCloud Extender: Customers connect to their data centers using vCloud Extender within client on-premises infrastructure and the cloud for secure layer 2 connectivity

Fast Onramp to DRaaS

Buoyed by the ease of deployment of the new vCloud Availability Cloud to Cloud DR service, Telefónica Chile made its initial rollout a real achievement. VMware significantly improved the installation of the new vCloud Availability Cloud to Cloud service for vCloud Director environments, and the speed and ease of install is testament to the improvements.

Meanwhile, VMware Professional Services has VMware-certified consultants that can support customers who need fast time to market. To make things even simpler for Telefónica, VMware Professional Services was contracted using points via the VMware Cloud Provider Program, removing the upfront costs and making the service more affordable and in line with Telefónica’s revenue model.



Companies in Chile are continuing their adoption of cloud services in order to reduce costly on-premises resources and deliver the right IT services, from the right location, for the right cost. In response, Telefónica Chile is capitalizing on opportunities to increase revenue with on-demand cloud services that extend or replace traditional data center infrastructure. With their new DRaaS offering powered by VMware, they can ensure that their customers have the tools and technology they need to get back up and running quickly, minimizing downtime and revenue loss through simple, tested, self-service disaster recovery. It is a unique opportunity to help reduce the impact of disasters by keeping applications and data safe and operating — in any recovery situation or outage condition – while giving customers an easy on-ramp to cloud.


NOTE: Kudos to the internal Telefonica Chile team who made this C2C project possible, in addition to the Cloud Provider-focused VMware Team composed by key players from VCPP (Neimar Oler, Fernando Escobar, Felipe Lorenzini, Joe Leo, Thomas Hobika), CPSBU (Bill Leck, Yogesh Ranjan, Tina Lam), PSO (Felipe Campuzano, José Alvizu, Hernán Andrade) and Core Team (Alvaro Faúndez, Hernán Alfani).



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